Friday, November 07, 2008

a new day

Well, honestly, I feel like I am getting hours back of my days to read other things besides politics stuff. By no means is the hard work and change already set in stone for Obama, and his presidency is one that I am both looking forward to and anxious to see in action, but right now, it is just nice to slow down from all the drama of the last couple of weeks of debates, discussions, blogs, newspapers, etc. and enjoy the victory. In case you were wondering I did vote for Obama, and while there are certain issues that I disagreed with him on, and hope he will produce some lasting change (perhaps a discussion of another post), I had no false hopes in believing that either candidate would be capable of doing all they promised, nor am I stacking my chips in the governements corner. But that probably has more to do with my ecclesiology than anything else.

I am looking forward to Rowan growing up in this new day however. It is really important to me that Rowan got to be there when his mother and father helped to elect the first African-American president. It is important to me that Rowan is going to live in a country capable of electing a president of a darker hue. It was powerful for me to sit with Rowan last night and tell him a story of this historic election. It was amazing to pray with Rowan for our first African-American president, that God would be with him and his family. I honestly didn't think that I would see this happen in my lifetime...but I couldn't be happier, especially in terms of Rowan never having to wonder "Is it possible?" That new day is here.

I thought McCain's concession speech was the best one I've seen from him. It seemed genuine, heartfelt, and I think that if he had spoken with that kind of tone throughout his campaign, he might of had a better chance of winning. I sincerely hope that he and Obama will be able to work together for some lasting change in the near future.

On a completely different note...I'm in the ordination process. I submitted my paper yesterday, and meet for my ordination council next Wednesday, and the service is set for Dec. 7 during our normal worship gathering (pending a positive recommendation from the council of course!). It's kind of crazy to be here at this place in my life. There are some good folks on my ordination council so hopefully it will be a great time. Of course it makes me a little nervous, but I'm thinking that they won't try to make things too controversial, so let's hope that things go smoothly!