Wednesday, January 24, 2007

in light of recent technical difficulties...

Well, part of the reason I've been soooo slow in posting is that the new Beta Blogger in co-operation with Picasa, has not been making my life (or many others) life very easy in posting pictures. I've been struggling for a while to get it taken care of, and that day has finally come. So here's another post, one which I've been anxious to share for a while now.

My lovely teacher wife and I moved in the fall (Novemberish) to a new place, a bit outside of town, but absolutely beautiful. We hoped that moving to Jefferstonton would provide a more quiet and open space for us to create, whether in photography, simply enjoying creation, or writing papers, painting, or our new favorite joy--birding. Here are a few pictures from some walks or from the drive home that either the lovely teacher wife or I have taken. The barn and silo is near our place, and a wonderful sight in the winter sun. The bluebird was a fun sighting on another walk one afternoon. And the last two shots are from the drive to and from town.

If you haven't read any of Wendell Berry's novels yet...I hope these pic's inspire you to do so!

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snow day!

Well, I'm just going to be up front about this:

I've become a birder.

I know, I'm a dork, and I've dragged my wonderful and much less dorky wife down into the depths with me...but it is true. I just love it. And let me say that when it snows, the birds go crazy. I think they realize that they are going to have to consume a lot of food to stay warm (and alive) through the night. This is all to say, on the snow day this weekend, we saw more birds at the feeder at one time than ever before. We didn't see many new species, but we saw a lot of interesting interactions at the feeder and on the ground below the feeder. I won't bore you with much more...I will share a couple of my favorite picks from the snow day (which was awesome by the way...a needed break!).

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