Thursday, November 30, 2006

Potential Worship Band

If I ever start a church, this will be the first band that I try to bring in as a prospective worship band. Check their website out: The website for the best worship band ever!

And better yet, check out a song from their live set (you can watch this above, or click below), featuring my new favorite worship song titled: Trinity Schminity. Don't skip out on the song before the guitar solo...and as a taste of what's to come, one of my favorite lines is:
"Trinity Schminity, don't believe a lie
Trinity Schminity, cuz' if you do
Your soul will surely fry..."

Hands will be raised everywhere. Eyes shall be closed. And everyone is going to grow amazing long beards.


Todd said...

Very funny! and scary. It makes me hopeful for my chances at a music career.

Tom said...

Okay...I totally bellowed out loud. That is great. I'm going to use it in a devotional on trinity.

"Trinity, what do we know?"