Thursday, February 22, 2007

Henry (HT), my favorite barn, and Ash Wednesday

Well, i'm back in Warrenton after the trip to San Diego...upon which i returned to the week of ice, i'm finally back to writing again (though I'm sure school will take over my blog again soon). First, i wanted to introduce you to my latest friend Henry (Hermit Thrush). Shey has a funny and fun habit of naming everything, staplers, animals, cars, etc. and I beat her to the punch in naming one of the most fun birds that has come to the house yet. I first met Henry in the forest behind our place. He followed me around the forest, curious, and trying to communicate...shrugging his wings and flapping his tail at me. This was over a month ago, and yet with all the ice we got last week, the birds have been struggling to find some food and so I think Henry came all the way to the house for the first time in search of food. He's been hanging out by our front door, has followed me down the driveway, and comes pretty close...he's one of the most curious birds i've been around. so, i thought i'd share a picture of my latest favorite bird...

below is my favorite barn from the drive to our house from town. the sun came out for the first time in forever yesterday, and i just absolutely love the way the sun hits buildings and trees in the winter. and finally, the sun was hitting the barn in cool manner yesterday and i got to snap a few pictures. the farm estate is up for sale where this barn sits and Shey and i dream about living there one day. it is a wonderful piece of land.

Lastly, for the first time in my life i am participating in Lent or as the Orthodox call it "Bright Sadness." something had been stirring in my spirit to participate this year and to try to understand a bit better what it means to join the church in this season. the youth talked about it last night for about an hour and they really seemed to catch on with the spirit of Lent. they were willing to fast and be disciplined with some areas of their life that i don't think that i'd have the desire to hold to. i am really proud of them. as baptists, many of them have never done anything even remotely close to this, and yet they seemed to understand the significance immediately. i had them (if they chose to participate) write down what they would like to fast and be disciplined about on a piece of paper of which we then burned and i used to mark their heads and bless them. it was pretty neat. after we had finished, one of the students asked if i would like to be marked as that i too could be included. and two of the students made the mark on my head and blessed me...i can't imagine a better first time of beginning Lent.

i am fasting from all soda and upon Shey's recommendation, not purchasing any new music. i'm looking forward to this time, and hope that this practice may become a more regular one for me in the coming years...
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Tom said...

Great idea with the kids. It is always nice when they actually respond by inviting the leader to participate as well.

Hey Buddy,

Wanna buy some Bob Marley?

- Signed...the Serpent

Stephen said...

Sounds like you had a great Ash Wednesday experience. I agree that the barn is very cool.

Now that you're naming the birds, are you going to start having deep theological discussions with Henry and friends?

Todd said...

Cool, Josh. Great seeing you yesterday...Tom--you really are evil!

Tom said...

Todd, I don't think I'm evil. I think I've repressed some memory that is causing me to seek attention.

Want an Apple man?

TIMOTHY said...

How am I a "Technology Integration Specialist" and this is my second blog comment ever? Well....? I'll try to be more relevant to your post next time.

Much love,


Josh said...

tag = hot.

tom = devil.


tim, great to see you in the blog world.

stephen, actually, henry and i have discussed the appropriate categories that we can use in speaking about God. i mean, Henry is smart...

Todd. yes, Tom is the devil (but of the fun sort...)

prophetic said...

Wonderful! Awesome!

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