Saturday, August 18, 2007

so I think I'm going to start hunting

Because deer suck.

They ate most of my corn.

And I think that the time has come for me to learn how to shoot a gun, and take care of my antler-induced problem.


Andrea said...

hey - then you'd have a fully organic diet...deer steaks, ground deer, deer roast. let me know if you want to borrow a gun!
or need help building a fence

Stephen said...

How can you not know how to shoot a gun?!? I'm beginning to think you are a metro-sexual!

If all my guns weren't back in Texas, I'd help you out with your deer problem. A fence might not be a bad idea (but, certainly not as fun). Keeping with your organic lifestyle, check this link out:

Check you later!

Josh said...

thanks, i may be borrowing a gun soon, and since you are the dead-eye, i may need to take some shooting lessons.

Stephen...maybe i am a metro-sexual gardener, i'm always breaking the conventional boxes. thanks for the article, i am spraying some stuff on it, that has kept them at bay all summer, but i was delinquent in spraying it of late, and, the dumb deer ate my corn. it was fun hanging out and talking man...let's hang out again soon.

Stephen said...

Here are some shooting tips for you:

Josh said...


seriously. that's awesome. thanks for the link.

Lauren said...

My dad would help you with your deer problem, if they continue to bother you!

PS - I really like your blog - I've become inspired to try my hand at blogging myself. I'm pretty bored at work and this seems like a good use of my time :).

Josh said...

Lauren! welcome to the blog world! i like the blog, can i add you to my blogroll?

thanks for offering your dad's hunting skills!

good luck breaking your boredom at work!