Tuesday, October 09, 2007

reading week

So things never seem to slow down, but this week I've got a lot to try to finish up including a paper and applying for Advanced Placement classes and starting to research some Ph.D. stuff. After some discussion with our academic dean and a couple professors, I am considering to possibly continue my studies. Anybody have any recommendations of schools, professors, programs, etc.? Anybody know how to even start this process? I figure I will spend some time researching schools, examining programs and seeing what might be a good fit for what I'd like to study and the type of professors I'd get to work with. But really, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I don't even know where to start.

The academic dean who got the ball rolling with me, asking me to at least "consider" working on a doctorate, thought that Philosophy or Philosophy for Theology, or Philosophy of Religion, or Doctorate of Theology (at Duke) were some programs to consider....I'm not that smart, so I have no idea if any of this will work, or if I'll have the energy to go on for further studies. Yet at the same time, if i do want to continue to do this whole "pastoring" thing, I would like to be able to work and financially be more independent from having to be dependent on a church and the bulk of the community's tithes going towards running an organization. I think teaching could be a great job, and I'd love to consider teaching alongside pastoring.

Maybe I'm just crazy though. I'm pretty sure I am.


Robyn said...

You are totally smart enough! You see and think the deeper thoughts, and see the implications when others are still trying to grasp the concept. If you're into philosophy go for it, but don't let Jeff push you onto his hobby horse - what really gets your brain going? what do you WANT to think and read about? Follow that, and see where it goes.

Like I've said before, I think you would do well studying over here, but I know that's a big consideration with a church and a wife to think about...other than that I have no advice about PhD programs.

Let the thought sit and simmer with some prayer. God is doing great things in you!

Stephen said...

First, yes, you are crazy!

Second, as you research schools, prgrams, prfessors, etc., shoot for the best! I'll echo Robyn and say you're smart enough. I might even echo Folmsbee and say you are very sharp and a good thinker.

Third, you seem like a philosophy and theology guy to me, but go with your heart (or gut)! I know a couple of guys that went to Princeton Theological for their Ph.D.s. They liked it and it was challenging. Duke's always good and there is the basketball factor to consider there.

Once you and Shey decide you're up for this my advice would be to start looking on the internet and to ask your profs for recommendations of schools/programs to look into.

Finally, you'd be awesome in the teacher/pastor combo.

I'll pray for you as you consider all this.

See you tomorrow at the Emergent Leaders meeting!

Josh said...

thanks for the kind words friends...I will keep my eyes and ears open, and start some more research of programs, and try to keep ya'll updated.

thanks for your thoughts!

Tom said...

I agree with Robyn...smart enough. Philosophy = yes...don't listen to Robyn listen to Stephen. Now that I've solved those...I think you should look overseas as Willetts did. It would be sweet to get to know church and philosophy in a different culture/context. Duke shumuke. MSU takes care of them in bball anyway.

Josh said...

thanks Tom. good to know that you have it all figured out!

MSU may have Duke's number, but if i go to Duke, I can sabotage their basketball program from the inside out, so that the Tarheels will never lose again!