Tuesday, November 13, 2007

latest sermon and something new

I preached on Sunday, and if you are interested, below are some links to listen or download the sermon, Shey said it was one of the best I've preached. It was short and sweet, and it was a new style for me. Almost completely narrative.

On Monday November 26, I am going to have an initial meeting with Father Lewis Fiorelli, as I am considering meeting with a Spiritual Director, and Father Fiorelli is taking a chance to spend some time with a Baptist Youth Pastor who is interested in ecumenical dialogue and the spirituality of St. Francis of De Sales. I really hope this works out, and I am looking forward to the experience, the questions, and the reflections that will come in meeting with Father Fiorelli.

Has anyone else had any experience meeting with a Spiritual Director? What was it like?

On Being A Pharisee

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11/11/07 - Message Title: On Being A Pharisee, Josh Hayden
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april said...

Yes, i have. 3 different ones... one evangelical, 2 catholic. as much as i wish i could say differently, it wasnt all that great.

the thing that always seemed to me like it would be the most helpful are the retreats modeled after the spiritual exercises of ignatius. a monk friend i had once told me about them... there are a lot of monasteries, i think, that offer this sort of thing (and meeting with a spiritual director is part of that, every day or more, if i remember right.)

i dont know why i wrote all this, i guess little tidbits of my old seminary brain pop up every now and then!!

and btw, my monk friend and i eventually parted ways because it turned out he had an ulterior motive of converting me to catholicism. christians, it's always something...

Josh said...

well, the monk friend who connected me with this spiritual director, said basically the same as you: finding a spiritual director that is right for you, really isn't very easy. it can and probably will take meeting with a number of them before find the right one.

from the little that i have read about the exercises and retreats modeled from Ignatius, those do sound pretty awesome.

i'll let you know how it works out...i'm excited to meet with Father Fiorelli...but i'm trying not to have expectations of him being a perfect match...