Tuesday, August 26, 2008

days are flying by

I still just can't believe how fast the days fly by right now. It is hard to believe that Rowan is over two months old, and that I graduated from seminary. On this cool summer night, it seems like forever ago I was taking classes (even though I am still wrapping one up from home right now!). On one hand I can't imagine trying to go back to school, but on the other hand I can't imagine not going back. Does that make sense?

I have been making my way through a bunch of books all at the same time right now: Jesus for President, The Dark Materials Trilogy, and two schoolbooks: The History of Israel and Understanding the Old Testament. All of which have been really good. Jesus for President has helped to articulate the Anabaptist streak that runs deep in my soul, recognizing the brokenness of the current political system in the United States while also helping to stir up a more creative political and prophetic imagination for Christians in the U.S. for the upcoming election. The Dark Materials is the series by Joseph Pullman that includes The Golden Compass, one of the more recent whipping boys of evangelicals in the U.S. that are scared that the books will lead their children down the path to hell. The two schoolbooks have been good, but difficult to read when my brain feels this mushy. Thankfully Rowan has started sleeping through the night this past week, and that has helped tremendously to start reading with more clear thoughts. Anybody else reading anything good?

Also, am preaching this weekend if anyone is close by and wants to visit/hang out. No promises that my sermon won't suck, but even so, it would be fun to see you!


Jenn said...

Hey Josh,

I too am reading The Dark Materials Trilogy, and when i say reading i mean struggling. I bought a guide-book to help me through. I just keep getting hung up in the areas concerning scientific ideas and scientific objects. Any advice for getting through these sections?

I am also reading a YA book called Interworld by Neil Gaiman and another author, as well as A History of Christian Thought by Paul Tillich, and of course my textbooks for classes. Yes, classes. I'm taking Intro to Theological Studies and Philosophy for Theology. I always knew i would take classes here, and here i am doing it, with the goal of becoming a theological librarian.

Say hello to Shay and Rowan for me. I still have yet to meet your little guy. I hope we meet up again soon.


Robyn said...

I read the first two of the Dark Materials, but I decided it wasn't too my taste early on in the first one and gave up. Nothing said I had to read the book if I didn't like it. That was a few years back before the series gained such a high profile.

I recently discovered the Pelinor series by and Australian author called Alison Croggon. It is also what might be termed Young Adult Fantasy fiction, but I have been throughly engrosed by the story and look forward to philosophically unpacking it after I read the fourth (and last) installment. (The bookstore called today to say it has arrived.)

Otherwise I have been spending a lot of time with books such as "Virgins of God," "This Female Man of God," "Religion and Sexism," the Sayings of the Desert Fathers and other such books focusing on asceticsm and gender identity in the patristic era. My dissertation is due two weeks from tomorrow. . .

Eric said...

Verbal Herman Munster,

Wish I could be there. Going to dork it up for a second here: just read the Watchmen comic book series on Nathan's recommendation. (The movie comes out March '09, so I "needed to be properly prepared.") It's decent and kind of fun (never really read comics before). My favorite line is, "They will look up and say 'Save us!' and I will answer, no." That line ends up not actually having much to do with the story, but I still like it anyway. Actually, I was disappointed they didn't do more with it. I'll send the series to you if you want. You could probably read it in .27 seconds.

Also reading Into Thin Air about climbing everest and getting caught in a terrible and life-threatening storm. I'm only on page 50, but it's pretty good.

Hope all is well with you 3. Talk soon. Late.

Josh said...

Jenn, in terms of getting through the dark materials...i am just starting the third book, and i think there are some gaps in the story, but i don't know if i can explain the scientific ideas/objects quite yet. i think that i will have to see where things end up. but what it seems like is that things that were once taken to be matters of faith or under the authority of the church are slowly becoming matters of scientific exploration rather than theology?

sounds like you have a lot of other good reads going on too! i'm glad you are able to take some classes at Leland! how are the classes going? that is exciting!

i will say hi to Rowan and Shey, and hopefully we can come up to visit sometime soon!

Robyn, i will have to check out the series by Croggon. it sounds interesting. good luck on your dissertation! it sounds like from your blog and emails that you are working hard and doing a great job! we'll be praying for you!

E-$. $-E. dude. long time no talk. i suck. but i do have a mac now! ooo-la-la! that comic series sounds cool. i'm always up for a cool read, especially if 1) you like it, and 2) there is a cool movie to go with it. man we wish you were here too. we miss you a ton man. let's try to catch up soon!?! much love E.