Tuesday, October 14, 2008

100th post and a revelation/question

So 100 posts. Took me way too long to get here. Writing is something that I love doing, but in the craziness of life with a child, or life in seminary, or life as a youthworker, it seems like the days just go by too quickly and I'm not slowing down to process and reflect and write. I am a much better person when I write often. It helps me to see the good in others and the world around me. It helps me to process the changing light as it hits the trees outside my windows as the seasons move from summer to fall. Writing at once both helps me to find my voice and also doubt it and challenge it into new places. I am working on creating a new rhythm or rule of life right now, and I'd like blogging to be a part of it, because I know that writing is good for my soul and good for my awareness of the world. But I won't sit here and make some vain promise to blog twice a week for the next year or anything, and I don't want the blog to become a chore. But I would like to be more disciplined in my writing practices...and well, I've sucked at it as of late. It's been way easier on the family blog to put up cute pictures and videos of our little boy...but spend less time reflecting on the changes it has brought.

So this is post 100...and at the beach I had a revelation/question. My revelation: outside showers are better than inside showers. period. they just are. my question is, why don't houses in the country have outside showers? why limit the amazingness to the beach? shey tells me it's because they are practical at the beach where you need to wash the sand off before coming inside...and i say boo to that. i want a country house where i can stand outside, take a shower and see the stars above. if we ever own a house in the country or at least where the neighbors couldn't see us all the time...first thing to be added: outside shower. done and done.

one last thing: we went to the beach last week (which was amazing and quite needed rest) and how did the leaves start changing so quickly? nothing seemed to be changing when we left last monday, and then boom, we are home on saturday and the leaves are turning quick. has the leaves changing snuck up on anyone else?


Lauren said...

They hadn't turned yet when I left on Thursday for Charleston and when I came back, you are right, boom, there are all the leaves in yellows, reds, and oranges changed. Craziness.

Glad you had a great time at the beach, and yes, would love to see you guys soon!!

Seth said...

Best shower I ever had was in the backyard of a church in northern PA. We were there for a mission trip, and they had made makeshift showers with wood frames and heavy duty garbage bags stretched between. The top was open to the sky. A nice warm shower on a cool evening after a long day of bulding stuff was an amazing experience.

And then we would do songs from our youth group musical. That part wasn't so great.

Josh said...

yeah Lauren...surprised us too!

Seth...the idea of you in a youth group musical is quite amazing. and i'm glad you agree about the whole outside shower thing.

april said...

i beg to differ, josh. in fact, outdoor showers are better than indoor, but the best of all is bucket showers outdoors. with warm water. oooooh.

Josh said...

i don't know April, i've done the whole bucket showers thing...and it's good, but still not my favorite...it's got the outside part down, but i still like the running water. but i've also only had bucket showers with cold water...maybe warm water would make all the difference?