Saturday, December 16, 2006

to remember the good times...(a look ahead to MN?)

So I was reading over at one of my favorite blogstops about this fantastic new piece of shoddy commercialized Christian junk...

Dad...are we going to remember and reflect on a wonderful childhood filled with Rocky movies when I get to MN by not only seeing the delightful new installment of boxing drama, but also could you get the leadership kit to walk us through the movie as a family to discuss its "Christian" values? Please?

Don't get me wrong, I used to watch Rocky 4 before soccer games my junior year of high school to get "pumped up" for games...I mean, nothing gets me more thrilled to play soccer than watching a completely over-matched American boxer single handedly defeat communism by whipping the steroid-taking giant boxer of communist Russia.

Are we Christians really that gullible? Should I even ask? In case you haven't seen the trailer yet...enjoy:


Stephen said...


Are you saying that you didn't order your FREE "Rocky Box"? It says you might get a t-shirt or beanie or the like!

Great blog!


Tom said...

I think we should get all the youth pastors together for an night of Rocky! I am inspired.

Mute Writer said...

So have you seen it yet?!? Three times so far for me, it gets better each time. The first time was kinda "eh".

Josh said...

well...i did see th movie with my dad and brothers in MN...and well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. it was certainly better than Rocky 5. a little cheesy in parts, but better than i hoped...though still not nearly as good as the early ones in my opinion.

Josh said...

stephen...i should have ordered it simply for the t-shirt or beanie...maybe it would have said something like, "When we don't have Jesus around to think about what he'd do, ask yourself, 'WWRD?'...'What would Rocky do?'


Stephen said...

"What would Rocky do?" Sounds like a possible Summit Lake theme?!?