Thursday, April 05, 2007

a glimpse of our day

hey folks,

here are some pics from our recent trip to Pinckney Island, a wildlife refuge near Hilton Head Island, SC where Shey and I are taking a little vacation and enjoying our spring breaks from school. As you can expect there are more bird shots than most anything else, but there are a few gators too. sorry for the break from Rollins, i had too many books to bring for school to read at the beach, not to mention books to learn how to garden. but i'll start back up after i get home next weekend. i hope everyone is well, i feel like there is a lot to talk about--a lot of hopes i have for how gardening will bring some whole-life transformation...i love birds more than ever, and i am really enjoying marriage with Shey (vacation with her is just so much fun, and so relaxing).

enjoy the pics...peace.

Pinckney Island


Todd said...

alligators! Great pics; glad you guys are having fun. Look forward to catching up when you get back--have safe travel!

Stephen said...

Great pics Josh! Hope your time away is relaxing and refreshing!

Tom said...

I hope Shey sees your comments about time with her. I'm glad you're enjoying your marriage. Sounds like a great experience.

Oh yeah...there is nothing to talk about. The world stopped while you were gazing into your wife's eyes at the beach. Am I right Stephen and Todd or what? Okay so my devilish nature seeped through on this comment again. You can delete it if you want Josh! :)

By the secret letters that lets me post to Josh's blog spells "poop." Go figure!

Todd said...

poop. good one Tom. for a 12 year old.