Thursday, June 21, 2007

midnight gardening

okay, so it wasn't quite midnight...but it was easily11:30 before all was done. i didn't have a chance to water the garden yesterday, and it was quite warm the last couple of days, so i asked the lovely wife and great friend Ben Owsley (who is the son of the Owsley family whose apartment we are renting) to join me in a special activity of which i like to call "midnight gardening." we gathered up some headlamps, pointed the truck lights onto the garden and watered away. we laughed a lot and got some sweet pictures. here's a picture of the three of us doing what we do best:

and in this picture Ben and I are doing our best zombie killer impression:

and lastly a nice picture of Shey and Ben as we gathered our watering buckets in the back of the truck and headed back home:

i'm taking a class this weekend on the theology of the pastor, and then preaching on sunday. the sermon title is "The Kingdom of God: God with Us" and the text will be Luke 4:14-30. i'll be sharing some of the things going on with Shey and I as we've had some hard stuff happening with family, and preaching on the importance of both being in community and including and welcoming people into the community that Jesus talks about from Luke 4.

i've got some rollins stuff i'd like to share, but will probably have to wait until next week. we'll see.


Brody Bond said...


dude - you have like a REAL blog. I gotta learn how to do those cool Amazon links and stuff you have over to the right side.

Love ya and miss ya, and really want to come to your church (I'm going to download your latest sermon)


Josh said...

brody man,

so good to hear from you dude. thanks for saying hey. i try to keep up with what is happening on your blog. i really dig all the blood:water mission stuff man.

much love to you to man. sorry for being slow to respond here. i tried responding the first day you posted, then i forgot to remind myself again...sorry man.

much love,