Monday, June 04, 2007

not since third grade...

Well, not since third grade have i gotten poison ivy. And even then i didn't get it bad...well, after my visit to the doctor today, i learned that as you get older, your body becomes less capable of fighting off attacks compared to the younger years. And thus, I have for the first time become a walking, swollen-legged, puss-ing, poison-ivy getter. Below, you can see the's kind of gross, just for a heads up!

Sorry for the lack of blogging. These past six weeks have been some of the craziest since Shey and I have been together...and that is saying a lot considering some of the hardships we've been through with family and friends in the last couple of years of marriage, and dating. There has been some hardships with some friends, finals and final papers for seminary, my grandfather passed away, and my mother-in-law broke her ankle on Memorial Day. Which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but Shey's only sister was in a car accident almost seven years ago now, and she requires full-time care. So Shey and I have been trying to wrap up school, recover from the busy-ness of the end of the semester and my grandfather's passing (which there will be some posts to discuss in the future) and now caring for Shey's great family, which means her sister Emily and mom who now is the proud owner of seven screws and a metal plate in her ankle. It's been bananas. But you know, things have a way of working out. It's not easy, and a lot of times it isn't fun, and i certainly don't think "God brings us through this to teach us a lesson" or to "understand the hope of the future in heaven when things will be OK" but rather that when walking with God, we find strength to keep our heads up when they only seem to want to fall, and we find friends and community who will walk through the hardships with us when all we feel is alone. And most of all, we see that God has never left us.

Don't get me wrong, I hope things calm down soon. I hope that I can get my 25-page paper done on time. I hope that Shey or I don't have some sort of grand mental break-down. I hope that Shey's mom heals quickly. I hope my brother's graduation goes well this weekend. I hope this disgusting poison ivy goes away soon. I hope for many things, many things's funny, that in getting this poison ivy again for the first time in years (and I grew up in the country where we used to play in poison ivy and not care one bit and I never got it) sometimes I feel like I have come back to some of the same mysterious wonder in my understanding and view of God that enraptured me as a child. I don't always understand how or why this stuff happens, and sometimes I'm pissed about it, but this mystery wraps me up and brings me in even when I want to run away.

On a lighter note, and McCarty's if you're still out there reading...the garden is blooming and alive! (So far of course!) Thanks again for the seeds! I'll post some pics soon of the garden that has been a safe haven of joy for me, and a blessing to share with Shey as we endeavor to live more simply and sustainably. mmmmmm...squash, corn, zuccini, tomatoes, watermelons, cantelopes, and more!


Micah said...

Of course we're still here. Glad to hear things are going well.

..."I walk heavy with seed, spreading on the cleared hill the beginnings of green, clover and grass to be pasture. Between history's death upon the place and the trees that would have come I claim, and act, and am mingled in the fate of the world."

-Wendell Berry "Sowing"

Peace and blessings,

Todd said...

GROSS! Hope you heal quickly! Thanks for the article, Josh. Talk soon.

Josh said...

thanks for the Berry quote Micah. and glad to know that my lack of posting hasn't driven everyone away.

how'd you like the mix cd? hopefully there was some new stuff on there for ya'll?

and how's the farm?


Micah said...

Dude, I suck. I meant to write and thank you for the CD many times. Now it has been so long I simply forgot that I never wrote you back. I apolgize. The CD was great. There was a lot I already had, but there was some new stuff also. I made you a mix CD also to send your way I also just haven't got around to that either. But maybe it will happen someday.

The farm is great. We had a really rainy spring which is just what I wanted. I am glad to hear things are going well with yours also.

Josh said...

glad you liked the cd...i figured there would be some rollover of some tunes you already had, but hoped to give you some new stuff too! and no worries on not hearing back about the cd man!

glad to hear you had a rainy spring. we're actually down quite a bit in rainfall, but after a hot start to June, things have cooled a bit which is a tremendous blessing...and i've figured out some more creative ways to water the garden that has helped a lot.

so far we've got tomatoes, squash zucchini, pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe, corn, various peppers, cucumbers (and some others i'm forgetting) coming up. it is so exciting...hopefully they'll stay alive!

i was a bit late with lettuce and spinach, so they probably won't germinate, i'll have to try again later in the summer...we just had a crazy, i didn't get them planted when it was cool enough i think...but we'll see!