Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new years

so new years is almost over, and I'm finally sitting down to write for a couple of minutes. we had a wonderful new years celebration this year. Our friends Katie Carson and Tommy Webster had a beautiful wedding and kickin' reception last night as they tied the knot, and began a new leg of the journey of life together. It was a thoughtful, liturgical, and meaningful service combined with great poetry, good music, and great friends. Shey and I couldn't be happier for our friends, and we so thankful to be able to witness the great occasion and be a part of it all. Before last night, I can't really think of a single New Years party or event that I've liked, but last night was really a lot of fun, and helped give the night great meaning. i've also found out recently that Katie is a secret reader of the blog...and I hope that she'll start commenting soon, because she is one of the funniest, fun, thoughtful, and intelligent people I know...so hopefully she'll begin to enlighten us all!

on that whole secret/quiet blog readers note, and in the spirit of Anne Lamott, I pray traveling mercies for my good friend Katie Brazzle as she begins this new adventure in NYC. your voice and perspective will be missed here, but i hope that you will be able to experience new things, great things, and God in new ways as you enter through a new doorway. Traveling mercies friend!


blogging??? who came up with this said...

thanks for the "shout out" in the previous post and the traveling mercies, a great book and a beautiful concept! And I l.o.v.e. the top 10 list of 2007's music! I am so thankful for you and Shey, simply who you are and your example. and I am soooo excited for you both to be parents!!!!!

Josh said...


no problem with the shout out. i hope things are off to a good start thus far! glad you liked the music list, let me know if i have left something off!

we are thankful for your friendship too and look forward to future conversations!

katie said...

I've been outed! A secret reader no more...

Thanks for the thoughts Josh. We loved our wedding and had a great party with our friends; we couldn't ask for more. We're back in the mix of church work now - in fact, I'm off to teach about Exodus momentarily.

We are so THRILLED about the new Hayden baby. You and Shey are just crackerjack and this is one lucky baby.

PS (Remember to keep things simple so I can understand and reply without needing all of my seminary supplies at hand.) Love ya man.

Josh said...


I'm so glad that you enjoyed your wedding, we certainly did too!

good luck getting back into the swing of things and thanks for your excitement for the Hayden!

i'll try to keep things simple, though i'm sure that you can more than handle anything i throw your way...

much love back at you.