Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stephen Colbert...is amazing

Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest people on television currently, and his brilliance and ability to hit the central nerves in a situation never cease to amaze me. I got his new book for my birthday, (thanks Tim & Kristen!) and I've seen a couple of great videos lately, that frankly are too good not to share. Thanks to Eric for pointing me in the right direction for these two interviews, and to the McCarty's for posting a link to this fantastic video of Colbert from back in the day, probably from when he was on the show Strangers with Candy? (Is that right Seth?)

First interview is too easy. Stephen interviews David Levy who got a PhD for his work and new book discussing how within five years humans will be regularly having sex with robots and how eventually robots will be teaching humans various techniques for love-making. Colbert recognizes the inherent danger in the possibility of "gay-bots." Amazing.

The second interview is with Lou Dobbs over the issue of immigration. The interview is done by Colbert's Spanish-speaking affiliate show Colberto Reporto Gigante, complete with breaking through an immigration fence to get to the interview, a purple suit, and interview conducted in Spanish.

Lastly, here's a link to a video demonstrating the dancing and singing skills of Mr. Colbert.

(HT: Eric and McCarty's)


Lauren said...

Completely agree with you! Colbert is awesome - you should download his "Meet the Author" podcast on ITunes - great stuff!!

Josh said...

i will most certainly have to download that podcast!

Seth said...

I think the King of Glory thing is from the Stranger with Candy Movie (but I'm not positive). I'd seen it before though. The movie is not that great, the show is fantastic though. Check it out.

Eric said...

Dude, that's my name. On your blog. I feel like a blogosphere celeb right now. Don't remember exactly the conversation that led to these clips, but hey, I'm not complaining -- I'm a celebrity!

Totally agree. I love colbert and his skill to sneak points across disguised with satire.

Did you see this:


It's John's interview with Jonah Goldberg. It cracked me up like crazy.

Josh said...


so i may have confused a conversation i had with you that i had with Tim? you are way more of a celebrity than i will ever be...

I'm sorry, feel free to hate me. i remembered talking with you about it on saturday when we were painting but for some reason i thought i had talked about it with Eric too...

Eric and Tim,
apparently i can't remember anything, sorry...

Josh said...

oh, Eric,

that interview with Jonah Goldberg was freakin' hilarious. thanks for the link.