Sunday, May 03, 2009

Malcolm preaches at Cornerstone

So apparently i can now text my blog and post to it. Pretty cool. Enjoy a pic of Ro. I had a pretty great day today, Malcolm Goodspeed preached at our church today, who was a professsor at Leland, who reached out to me as I was a new pastor. Malcolm is a retired minister from England with one of the most generous and humble spirits that I know of. It was great to catch up with him this week and for Shey and Rowan to be able to meet Malcolm and his wife Ann. He preached on prayer out of weakness and pain. And it was one of the best sermons that i have heard on Romans 8 ever. God joins us in our weakness, our mundane, our routines, our suffering and cries out with us in groans for which words simply do not suffice. I have been thinking a lot about the difficulties of last summer for Rowan and Shey as Rowan is nearly a year old in one more month. And Malcolm's sermon reminded me of the
presence of God I felt from friends, and the cries that lept out of me as I layed crumpled before God.

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